How to get help for workers at the Phoenix nursing home where dozens of care workers died in a deadly heatwave

A Florida nursing home has filed a lawsuit against its facility’s employees who died in the heatwave, claiming that the facility failed to properly prepare for the situation.

The lawsuit filed Thursday claims that Phoenix’s Nursing Home Care Workers Association (NHCWA) was not provided with sufficient staffing and health care services for the heat, and that it failed to provide adequate care to patients who suffered from heatstroke.

The complaint claims that the NHHCWA failed to follow state laws governing heat-related illnesses.

According to the lawsuit, the NHCCA received only four days of advance notice from the Phoenix facility of the upcoming heat wave.

According to the complaint, NHHCVA did not receive any written warnings from the facility about the impending heatwave and it did not conduct proper inspections.

The complaint alleges that the nurse workers were given only four hours of advance warning before the hospital’s workers went to work on April 3, and only four of the nurse and medical staff at the nursing home had health insurance.

The NHHCCA claims that they did not follow state rules governing heatstroke, and were not trained to deal with heatstroke in the event of a heatwave.

The NHHCHA says that the nursing homes employees were given limited training on how to use medical devices and how to handle patients with heat stroke, and they did nothing to prevent the patients from experiencing heatstroke when they first arrived at the facility.

The nurses and medical staffers at the care facility died after working for two months without adequate heat protection.

The nursing home, which is located in Miami, said it had an initial staffing requirement of 400 workers, and it has been staffing up since February.

The facility also has a separate medical center.

In a statement, the Phoenix Nursing Home said that it has received several inquiries about the lawsuit and that the claims are false.

In the statement, Phoenix said it is investigating the lawsuit.

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