Bolton, NC nurses care workers pay back $40K in fines

A group of nursing care workers in the Bolton area paid a $40,000 fine to the state after paying $3,000 to a nursing home administrator who allegedly gave them a false statement to get them back on their feet.

The nursing home officials had agreed to reimburse the nursing homes $3 million over a seven-year period in exchange for a waiver of a requirement that all of their nursing home workers sign a voluntary confidentiality agreement, according to the Boltson Courier-Journal.

The state Department of Health said the workers were in compliance with the agreement when they signed the agreement in February and again in May.

But in June, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported that the nursing home was paying the nursing facilities’ fees instead of the nursing workers, and the workers’ wages were withheld from their paychecks.

The Boltsons, who were all paid a base wage of $11.25 per hour, had to pay back the full amount of the fines, $8,800, the department said.

The workers, who all work in nursing homes, had been hired to help care for elderly patients in the state.

The Boltsonic’s attorney, John T. Stiles, said the fines were a violation of the workers contract and should be overturned.

The department said it will continue to investigate the case and would not comment further.

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