How the Indian car-shop workers care for the elderly

A male care worker from the Kerala state of Kerala, who is trying to push his car-building business on to the next level, said that it was important for men to help care for their families.

“Men are responsible for caring for our wives, mothers and children.

They should be treated with respect and compassion, not punished for having a few drinks,” said the worker, who has been with the car-working fraternity for more than a decade.

He said he would be more than happy to help out if he can.

“I do have a lot of responsibilities.

I am a father of three children, and I cannot keep all of them under control.

I would like to help with that.”

The male care workers are a part of a national network of care workers that has been growing steadily in the last few years.

According to an article by The Times Of India, there are over 6,000 care workers in the country.

The article said the female care workers work in various different roles and that the organisation has trained almost 3,000 male careworkers and 2,000 female careworkers.

This network has become a huge boon for the Kerala government, which is currently dealing with a shortage of care professionals in the state.

For years, the state government has been struggling to provide for the needs of the elderly in the face of a worsening health and social conditions in the State.

Last month, the Kerala Government announced that it would be setting up an independent care workers’ organisation, the National Care Workers Organisation.

Since then, the organisation’s members have been working at various locations in the city to help other residents of the state, including those with physical disabilities.

One of the workers said that he would only work for one day a week, to ensure that there was enough room for his needs, even though it is only a small part of the work.

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