How to avoid pay cheques at the office

By Caroline Tovar-Jones, Staff ReporterToronto (AFP) – A handful of care workers who were ordered to pay for medical equipment to be replaced with the brand-new Ford Transit Police vehicles have received no payments.

But the province said Tuesday it is paying $300,000 in back pay to two of the workers who lost out on the vehicles and are still owed money for repairs.

Ford said it has no intention of changing the vehicles’ design or manufacturing process.

In a statement, Ford said the Transit Police have been upgraded to a brand-spanking new model that features a new body kit, new lights and more interior room.

Ford Transit Police patrol Toronto’s Etobicoke, Scarborough and Yorkville neighbourhoods.

The company said the vehicles are equipped with new security cameras and audio systems, and are equipped to offer greater patrol and patrol communications.

Ford has not said when the vehicles will be available to the public, but the vehicles have been spotted in Toronto, Ontario and Quebec.

The province said it is working with Ford Transit Services, the city of Toronto and the City of York to address the matter.

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