How to get a free car from a car shop worker

Workers at a car dealership in the Northern Territory have been using the internet to advertise for workers to fill their vacancies.

The recruitment website CarShopCentral says workers can apply for the jobs from any of the businesses listed on its website.

“All car dealerships and garages across the NT are seeking skilled car mechanics, electricians, machinists and other car shop professionals for the future of the industry,” it says.

“Car dealerships are also looking for experienced sales staff to help manage their fleet and manage the sale of new vehicles.”

CarShopCentral has been used by car owners and others to advertise car shop jobs since 2007.

The company says its members are generally local to the Northern and Southern Territory, with the majority coming from remote areas.

“These workers will work from home, and work under strict conditions,” CarShopCentre says.

CarShopCentres website has more than 2,000 job postings across the country, and it says some of the more popular positions require an electrical engineer.

“We know how important this is to the success of our business and we want to ensure that those positions are filled to the best of our ability,” it said.

The website is also being used to advertise the services of car shop technicians.

“Our technicians are a team of passionate and motivated individuals, who love working with their customers,” it states.

“The best way to make a first impression is to have a fun, friendly, and enthusiastic customer experience.”

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