How to get a job in Spain without a visa

The government has said it wants to reduce the number of people allowed to work in the country by up to 100,000.

The new measures, which include limiting work permits to three months in each of the next two years and requiring the use of mobile devices, will be rolled out in the coming weeks, Spanish newspaper El País said on Saturday.

In Spain, which is a member of the European Union, people can work only for up to seven days a week, but a total of up to 2 million workers were allowed to stay in the nation between the end of March and the end to August.

The government says it is only looking to boost the economy by 1 million.

El País reports that the new rules will also allow some workers to return to work from abroad, with their spouses and children.

The reforms come after a year of turmoil for the country, which has been rocked by the crisis in the eurozone.

The Spanish government has blamed the country’s banks for the crisis, and the country is now negotiating with its biggest lenders over a rescue package.

The government has already begun restricting the number and scope of job opportunities for some sectors, and is also seeking to remove some social welfare benefits.

The measures will be implemented in a phased way, with the changes being implemented in stages and the measures phased out gradually.

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