RTE news – Rail car workers’ association has suspended its plans to set up shop in England

RTE News article – RTE NEWS – Railcar workers’ Association of Greater Bolton has suspended plans to establish shop in the capital, Bolton, and instead plans to form a new national union.

The union said on Friday it had decided to suspend its plans and instead concentrate its efforts on its members in South East England.

The decision to suspend the plans comes as the union and the union’s executive council met in South Africa.

RTE said the suspension of the shop was a “matter for the RTE Executive Council”.

The RTE’s National Railcar and Transport Union said it was “deeply disappointed” that the union had decided not to renew its agreement.

It said it would be the “best outcome for all the members of the RTRU and all our members who wish to continue working for RTRO”.

The union was formed in 1999.

The first RTR Union had been set up in 1989, and the RTO was established in 1993.

The RTR union, which represents 1,800 employees, is affiliated to the RTA.

In November 2016, the RTS union, the largest union of train operators in England, was suspended after the union said the company was not being transparent about its wage claims.

It has not been clear how many RTS workers are employed by RTR.

In February 2018, the union called for an end to the exploitation of migrant workers, saying the situation was “not acceptable”.

The latest incident came after a string of attacks on RTS employees and a recent police investigation into a car smash.

The car smash on Friday morning happened near the city centre in Bolton.

The driver of the car suffered a leg injury, and a police officer who was on the scene was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Police said there were no arrests made and that there were “no suspects”.

The incident happened at a junction in Bolton, which is part of the capital city, which also includes the South East and North East.

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