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A car manufacturer says it can’t afford to replace the workers who make its cars.

Key points:Car maker Toyota said it could not afford to hire workers with dementia, and its CEO said the workers had to make decisions independentlyThe company is working with the Department of Health and Disability Services (DHDS) to find alternative work arrangementsThe company said it would be “inappropriate” to use workers who have dementia to manufacture its cars, and it will “be inappropriate” to rely on them to work in other industries.

In a statement to the ABC, Toyota Australia said it did not have the capacity to hire all the workers with cognitive impairment it would need.

“The cost to Toyota for each worker would exceed the income available for each employee, and the company would not be able to afford to use the workers,” the statement said.

The company’s CEO, Tomi-Jo Hämäläinen, said the company was working with DHDS to find alternate work arrangements for workers with the cognitive impairment.

“We know we have a lot of workers that have dementia that are going to need to work at Toyota to keep production running, and we’re working with them to make that happen,” Ms Hälaeinen said.

“So we’re not able to make a change for them, and they have to make the decision on their own.”

They need to make sure they’re not taking risks on their health and safety, so they’re able to continue to do what they do best.

“In a separate statement, Toyota said workers with mild cognitive impairment could work at the plant and help the company with its other manufacturing operations.”

In our company’s case, we don’t know how many of these workers are actually affected by dementia, but we know they’re there, and if we can help them to move forward with their lives, then we’re all very thankful,” Ms Dähni said.

Workers with mild Cognitive impairment (MCI) could be employed in other Toyota manufacturing operations, but are unable to work directly with the car makerMs Häkälainen said it was inappropriate for Toyota to rely solely on workers with MCI, but the company could work with other industries to find the appropriate work.”

If we can’t find the right person to help us find the people that we need, then obviously we will be inappropriate to use them,” Ms Jähli said.

Toyota said it planned to find suitable work arrangements through its employment partners.

The car maker’s CEO said he would be in touch with the company’s employment partners to find other work arrangements.”


If you’re looking for jobs that require a lot more mental health support, then it would seem appropriate to look into those as well.”


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