‘We Can’t Wait’: Union leaders call on Trump to protect workers

In what is expected to be the first major demonstration in more than two decades against the Trump administration, organizers of the National Nurses United union and a number of workers at a car company in Wisconsin have called on the President to protect their workers.

“We can’t wait for Donald Trump to make a decision about what’s best for the American worker,” NNU President Mary Kay Henry said in a statement Thursday.

“Instead, we need to stand up to the White House, the White Congress, and the President-elect himself to ensure that workers across this country have the resources to continue working to protect our health care system, our safety, and our rights.”

The rally is being held at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, which has been under contract with the Trump Administration for at least five years.

The workers at the plant have been protesting for months, with many of them joining a growing wave of strikes and sit-ins at other U.S. factories over the past year.

The Carrier factory is located in one of the most heavily unionized parts of the country, making it one of only a handful of U.M. companies that are unionized.

But this year, with the administration having threatened to withdraw its commitment to keep the plant in Indiana, many union members are looking to move to another state, where they say they can negotiate better wages and working conditions.

In the statement, Henry called on Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress to “ensure that the Trump-Pence administration does not undermine the union movement by rolling back or withdrawing the protections our workers have fought for for decades.”

“Our government is not working for us.

We are the ones fighting for them,” she said.

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