What is care workers’ pay?

A new report says that some care workers, such as nurses and doctors, make less than minimum wage.

The report by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Policy says that, in 2012, a full quarter of all U.S. workers earned less than the minimum wage, with the highest earners earning $18 an hour or less.

The survey also found that about 15 percent of workers were paid less than $8 an hour, and 8 percent were paid $7.25 or less, the report says.

That’s about the same as the average worker’s wage in the country in 2012.

Care workers earn less than other workers because of many factors, including a lack of training, the shortage of qualified care providers, and a shortage of skilled workers in the private sector.

A federal judge is expected to rule on a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act on May 6.

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