When a health care worker is killed, union leaders are left holding the bag

Unions have been left reeling after a health worker was killed and his fellow workers were left without compensation for weeks, as the government seeks to curb an outbreak that has claimed nearly 3,300 lives.

Unions have long been the backbone of the U.S. economy, and workers are among the most highly paid in the world.

But they have been the focus of intense scrutiny from the White House, with Trump threatening to impose a 35 percent tax on the union’s contributions to political campaigns and unions’ funding of super PACs.

While the UAW is one of the largest private-sector union groups, it is not the only one affected by the outbreak.

The National Nurses United union has been a vocal opponent of Trump and has called on other unions to do the same.

The president’s move to impose an excise tax, which would raise $200 billion a year, is being opposed by the National Education Association, which represents teachers and other public school teachers.

The group, which includes teachers, has urged the administration to wait until there is proof of a connection between the virus and the outbreak before declaring a public health emergency.

The union, meanwhile, has also warned that Trump will use the money raised by the excise tax to fight back against workers who do not show up for work.

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