When a man with PTSD becomes a nurse, his new profession is a gender-neutral one

By DOUGLAS COUPE, Associated Press WriterBy DOUG HAYWARD, Associated NewsJournalistWith a new title, a new job and a new name, a man who struggled with PTSD is now a nurse at a hospital in northern Arizona.

John M. Dallar, 39, of Chandler, began his career as a firefighter before transitioning to a full-time care provider in 2015.

The move was prompted by a series of medical issues that Dallars doctors described as “mental health challenges” that caused him to suffer flashbacks and other symptoms.

When Dallard was released from the hospital in December, his wife, Ashley, said she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“I just think, ‘He has a real future here,'” she said.

Dallar said he decided to leave the fire department because he couldn’t deal with the stress of caring for other people.

He said he was looking for a new career, but he was also frustrated with how he had to deal with other patients who were not responding to his help.

“When I was in the hospital, I wasn’t a person that was looking to take a job. I wasn

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