When car owners get paid for lost time, they should be getting paid for their labor

Workers at a Crestwood car dealership say they’re owed millions of dollars in back pay, but they don’t have the money to make it happen.

Crestwood Auto Repair says it has been in negotiations with the company for more than a year to get paid, but a worker who was supposed to receive the money for more work is still not getting paid.

The worker is a carpenter and was supposed be paid a total of $1,400.

But the company says the worker, who has not been identified, is only getting $600 for each hour he worked.

The Crestwood Auto Repossession Workers Union says it is holding a rally in Crestwood today to call attention to the wage theft issue.

The union says the money owed is over $1 million.

Curtis Martin has been a Crestwoods employee for seven years.

He says the company is threatening to close the business.

He said the company would not pay overtime, which means he was still working more than the minimum wage.

“I’ve been making $13,000 a year for seven and a half years,” Martin said.

“So the $1.5 million that I have left that I didn’t get paid is almost a million dollars.

And if they can’t make up that money, then they should make up for that and put in a pay cut or a pay increase, which they haven’t done.

It’s just really frustrating.

We need to be able to work and live and raise our families,” Martin added.

The union says they are calling on the company to give the workers a raise.

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