When the Pullman Car Workers Fight Back

Posted October 20, 2018 06:23:31When the Pullham Car Workers fight back to the Government, the Government must stop the Pullmans, the car-maker’s owner and former CEO, from taking over the company and keeping it afloat.

The Pullman Workers are now demanding a return to the original plan to privatise the company, with a return of all workers to their jobs.

The Government has refused to do that and has threatened to take away the workers’ jobs if they continue their fight for their jobs to be restored.

And that is exactly what they are asking for.

The workers, who are in the midst of a strike for their pay, hours and safety, have been on strike since October 6, and have been demanding a 50 per cent pay increase for their job, an end to the company’s pay freeze, and more pay and benefits for their work.

It is an historic moment.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have both been campaigning for a return for the Pullmens, who lost out in the privatisation of the Pullsons.

But as a company, the Pullmen Car Company has been run by the Government for years, and in the last five years the Government has taken over almost all of the company.

But in the past year, the government has gone back on its word.

The Pullmans’ workers have won a major victory by successfully getting the Government to withdraw the government’s threat to sell the Pullmans to a company controlled by a company owned by a businessman and his family.

This is a historic victory for workers and the wider community, and a great win for democracy.

The Workers have been fighting for this for many years.

The last time the Government sold the Pullmons to a private company was in 2012, when they were bought by a private equity firm.

The privatisation in 2014 meant that the Pulltons were given £4.3 billion worth of state funding and that the company was taken over by private equity firms, with no local workers.

So, the workers are asking the Government not to sell it back to them, to save the Pullmunns, and to return the workers to work.

The company is currently based in South Australia, and it has more than 800 staff across Australia.

The workers want to keep their jobs, and their demands to keep the company running, and get their pay increases and benefits back.

But the Pullbans’ workers are demanding a fairer deal.

This isn’t just about pay, this is about getting the company back into the public sector, and that’s what this is all about.

We want a fair deal for workers.

We want our pay, we want our hours, we just want to have our jobs back.

We’re asking the government to listen to the Pullbeans and to take back the Pullmins jobs and pay and benefit.

We don’t want to be treated like we’re animals, as workers, as people who are just there to work, and we want to come back to work at Pullmains own factories and jobs, as well as being treated as employees.

The government must listen to them.

This story has been amended to correct the spelling of the word “company”.

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