Car workers pay the price of high wages, rising unionisation

Unqualified care worker’s wages hit $600,000 in 2016 and are still rising, according to research.

Unqualified carers are currently making more than the minimum wage, according the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The average unqualified worker’s wage has risen from $150,000 to $1.3 million in the past four years.

Unpaid sick leave and parental leave have also been linked to a higher average wages.

The Australian Bureau was recently forced to apologise to the childcare sector for not properly explaining the cost of paid sick leave.

The department said it was “making some adjustments to the way we calculate the costs of unpaid leave”.

The ABC understands childcare workers who have been paid sick and parental leaves are also facing higher costs, particularly for childcare.

Unpayable sick leaveUnpaid sickness leave is one of the most costly aspects of working as a childcare provider.

Unsafe or unnecessary workUnsafe work is not paid overtime or any form of overtime, and is not covered by the Family Tax Benefit (FTB).

Unpaid leave is paid at the end of the workweek, which is at the same time as the pay day.

The FTB entitles childcare providers to pay childcare workers at least $10 per hour if they are at the start of a new week.

However, childcare workers can receive pay breaks if they need to take time off work.

The ABC has identified childcare providers with the highest average hourly wage.

The highest paid childcare worker is a care worker aged 18 or over who works between 1:30pm and 6:30am.

Childcare providers in the South West region, where childcare is provided by private providers, earn the most.

The childcare worker who earns the most is a child care provider aged 15 or over.

The top 20 earners include a care provider who earns $160,000 a year.

The second highest paid child care worker is an aged care provider with a weekly earnings of $135,000.

More on childcare in regional AustraliaMore on child care in regional and local AustraliaThe South West regional childcare provider who was awarded the highest hourly rate earns $136,000, while the highest paid care worker earns $142,000 for the same period.

The regional childcare sector in the region is not the only sector to face the highest wages in childcare.

More on regional AustraliaChildcare industry in regional VictoriaIn the state of Victoria, the childcare industry is highly concentrated.

In the metropolitan regional area of Richmond, there are four childcare providers earning $120,000 per annum.

A further seven childcare providers earn more than $140,000 annually.

The largest childcare industry in the state is in the south-east of Victoria with five childcare providers, earning $145,000 each.

In Victoria’s west, the industry is dominated by the Central West, where there are six childcare providers who earn $130,000 or more.

The state’s biggest childcare provider is the South East regional provider who is worth $142.5 million.

In total, there is $3.6 billion worth of childcare provided to workers in the regional and remote areas of Victoria.

The research also found childcare workers in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide earn an average of $180,000 an annum, while those in Perth earn $160 a week.

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