How to help care workers get paid

The Government is reviewing the way it pays for care workers and the number of holidays it provides.

The review comes as the number who are eligible to claim Job Guarantee payments is rising rapidly.

What are the changes?

The changes include: The changes are due to the fact that some care workers are still being paid a “career wage”.

 The changes mean that the rate of return for all workers is lower, with fewer workers earning a higher rate of payment than they used to.

The changes will not apply to all care workers who are on the “careers wage” and will not affect all carers who have been working for more than two years.

More than 50 per cent of all care worker jobs are now on the career wage.

What is the Job Guaranteed Payment?

The Job Guaranted Payment is a paid job guarantee scheme that pays for up to $15,000 in income support for people aged 15 years and over.

It is available to people in the aged care industry.

How do I apply for the Job Grant?

If you or someone you know is aged 16 years or over, they can apply for a Job Guarantated Payment.

They can also apply if they have a carer and want to receive the Job Grants.

To find out more about the JobGift scheme, and how you can apply, visit the Jobgift website.

Read more about Job Guarantees: Job Guaranteed payments are designed to help people who are in the care of an adult with a disability who is: aged 16 or over; who is unemployed or underemployed; or has an outstanding balance.

JobGifts also help people with caring responsibilities or who are at risk of needing help in caring for a care family member.

What are the eligibility criteria?

You must be aged 16 and over and must be in receipt of Job Guarantance.

There are three eligibility criteria: you must be an adult care worker; you must live in your own home or have a caring relative; and you must receive the benefit.

You must live or be in possession of a care home or other safe place in your home or on your own property.

The home or place of accommodation must be the primary care home of your family.

Read more: Where can I find out about JobGifts?

To find out if you qualify, visit: The Government’s Job Guaranty website .

If your family has been given JobGiverships or are on a JobGifter, please call 1300 636 624 or visit the Government’s Helping People Find a Job page.

If I’m eligible for a job guarantee, can I get a Job Grant payment?


You cannot get Job Guarantaid payments unless you meet the eligibility requirements.

You need to be aged 17 and over to apply.

It is important that you do not apply for Job Guaranteeds when you are on Job Giverships.

This applies to all children of care workers.

It does not apply if you are in a care setting, or if you have a job that is part-time or part-year.

Why is the rate at which I’m receiving Job Guaranties changing?

Since the changes to Job Guarantights started, the rate has risen from around 12 per cent to 15 per cent, according to the Department of Employment.

Who is eligible for Job Gifts?

The rates are set to change from July 1.

However, it is important to note that there are some groups of people who do not need to apply for any Job Guarantied payments at all.

Some people who can not claim Job Gift payments because they are currently on a “Carer’s Allowance” or “carers benefit” may still be eligible.

The government is also working with the states to establish new Job Guarantender schemes.

The changes to the Job Gifting scheme will not be applied to all people who have worked in the industry since April 2018.

What do I do if I don’t meet the JobGuarantee eligibility requirements?

If you do meet the jobguarantee requirements, you can claim a Job Gifter payment.

For example, you may need to complete the Jobguaranteed Payment application form.

Find out more:How to apply: You can complete the jobgifter application form on the Government website.

Once you have completed the form, you will receive a receipt and an email with instructions on how to claim your JobGiver payment.

The payment will be issued within 10 working days of the receipt.

You can also request an electronic payment.

Find out more from the Government.Read More:

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