How to stop pullingmen’s ‘bait and switch’ to save on wages

Pullman carworkers union is planning to strike over wage cuts, an increase in the cost of living and a shortage of health care workers in the city, with the aim of forcing the city to cut $2.5 million in benefits for its workforce.

The union is calling for a one-day strike on Monday at the beginning of the new year, a decision that would force the city’s $3.9 billion payroll to be cut by nearly a third, and more than half of the carworkers’ pensions to be scaled back.

The strike comes as Pullman, a car manufacturer based in Michigan, faces a national backlash after the company hired a company-owned tow truck to operate its fleet.

The company has faced an increase of about a million jobs in the past year, with some of those in the industry arguing that the increase has been driven by automation.

The pushback comes amid a nationwide push for a $15 minimum wage, which has been adopted by cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

“We know that there is no substitute for a fair wage, a safe and secure work environment, and access to quality health care for our employees,” union President Robert Cripe said in a statement.

“The economic impact of the minimum wage increases is staggering, and it’s time to end this cycle of wage cuts that only further hurt Pullman’s bottom line.”

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