What does the word “care” mean?

In a statement to Ars, the charity said the phrase “care workers” is used as a generic term to describe all people caring for patients and providing a variety of services including emergency services, occupational therapy, dental care, and nutrition and drug treatment.

However, the organisation said it is “not a charity or any of the people involved in this particular case” and the name is an “adjective”.

“The term ‘care workers’ is not defined as a charity.

Rather, it is an adverb used by healthcare workers, defined as those who provide care to patients, including those who work in a hospital or nursing home.”

The charity said it was not able to clarify what specific work the person did and how much the charity paid.

Ars Technic reported that in May the Federal Court of Australia ruled the organisation had not provided adequate medical care to any of its clients.

The court also ruled that the organisation was not a charity, and the organisation’s name had been changed to “Healthcare Workers Australian Association”.

The charity says it “does not consider this case to be a charitable issue, but a legal one” and said it will continue to pursue its case in the Federal Circuit Court.

It said it would continue to fight the Federal Government’s claims that the charity is a charity and therefore must pay GST.

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