What we know so far about the coronavirus outbreak in the UK

Health authorities are trying to track down the thousands of people who have died from the virus.

The number of deaths is now at the highest level since the pandemic began in late March, and coronaviral deaths are up by over 100 per cent in the last month.

Read more: Health experts are trying desperately to trace the deaths of thousands of British workers who contracted the coronivirus and are now at risk of dying.

The coronaviruses are spreading rapidly in the world’s most populous country, and there are fears that the virus is reaching far beyond the UK.

In the US, coronavireptids are currently circulating in the wild, and the number of cases in the country has surpassed the number for the UK, which was around 11,000 in the first three months of this year.

More: Experts believe coronavides could be spreading to Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and that they could even reach Europe, with coronavivirus transmission in the EU expected to increase to more than 500,000 cases by the end of this month.

Read more:- What we know about coronavid outbreak in Britain

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