When does the train stop for the day?

It depends on what you’re doing, says Frances Kelly, a trainee trainee care worker in Dublin who has worked on the M4 for two years.

“It depends on the job you’re in.

I can usually work from 8am until 5pm, then I’ll be on my own.

You can come back from work and come home by 9pm,” she says.

The trainee car service in Dublin is a big hit with trainee and trainee staff, who spend the day on the tracks and the rest in the station car.

“We have to get out early in the morning, which means I get up at 4am, work out on the track, then go home,” says Kelly.

“I’ve had to come up with a different routine, but I can come and go as I please.”

If it’s a short car, I usually get in at 6am, so I’m not sure if I can go home until 6pm.

If I do, I’ll probably go home by 7pm, but the trainee will still come back to work.

“Ms Kelly says she gets the same number of requests from trainee workers for the same job every day, so she gets up early and gets in when the train is running.”

They always say the trains are good for them, so they come in at 4:00am,” she said.”

The people that I work with are usually from the Republic, so the cars are usually full.

“Some of them come in with no idea what they’re doing or where they’re going, so it’s quite frustrating.”

At the moment, it’s just getting me home, I have to sleep in.

“The service is the third busiest in Ireland, and one of the main reasons is because the service can get a lot of people back home to work.”

Most people leave home in the evenings and go home and get a job, so sometimes it’s busy because people are waiting for the next train,” says Ms Kelly.

The service will be shut until the end of July.

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