A new bill would give employers legal authority to fire workers for non-medical reasons

Health care workers in North Carolina have begun the process of filing a class action lawsuit against the state’s Medicaid expansion.

The North Carolina Nurses Association filed the lawsuit in a North Carolina federal court last week against Gov.

Pat McCrory, who announced the Medicaid expansion in October.

The state of North Carolina has expanded Medicaid under the ACA to nearly 20 million North Carolinians.

The nurses association said it plans to file the lawsuit at the federal courthouse in Durham, North Carolina.

It said it would seek damages for “lost wages, injury, mental anguish and loss of dignity.”

The lawsuit comes a day after McCrories office sent out an email to employees saying they can now start working with their lawyers.

The email, which has since been deleted, said that “employees and the public will continue to have access to our system for a long time to come.”

The nurses union and McCraries office have been feuding for months.

In November, the nurses union released a video that showed McCrores office using “disruptive tactics” to shut down protests and shut down community meetings in the state.

In the video, the governor’s office said protesters were harassing public safety officers, damaging the office, and attempting to break into offices.

In the video the governor blamed the protests on a lack of “public safety” and urged protesters to stop disrupting the office.

“We’ve heard that you’re angry, we’re not angry, but you’re still here,” the governor said in the video.

“We’re going to have to get through this, and we’ll be back.

So let’s get this out there.

We’ll get it out there.”

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