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The story of a woman’s journey to recovery after being struck by a truck in Canada has been told by many.

Now, her story has been made into a movie, starring Jennifer Garner as her friend and caregiver.

Garner stars as Jennifer, who was driving a taxi when she was struck by the truck.

She was taken to hospital in a critical condition and has since recovered.

Garner tells the story in the film, which has been directed by director Peter Schott, with assistance from actor and comedian Chris Sotomayor.

The story follows Garner’s journey from being left with severe injuries to recovering in hospital.

“I would like to thank Jennifer and all the crew who worked so hard to make this film possible,” says Schott.

“They’re just fantastic actors and really made this story come alive for me.”

The film is also being directed by Peter Schotts director of photography, Matt Bittman.

Bittmann, who has also worked on a number of films, is a veteran of the Toronto film festival circuit.

He was hired by Schott and Schott to bring Garner’s story to life, which includes a score, a score of music and more than a dozen voice actors.

The film, produced by The Canadian Film Centre, has been released on the Toronto Film Festival, where it is being screened on Tuesday, October 17.

It will also screen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The movie’s trailer is below.

It is available to stream at the festival.

The trailer also features interviews with Garner, Bittsons daughter, actor and musician Chris Sotomayor, producer Peter Schotte, and more.

The Toronto International Festival will be holding its screening of The Queen’s Story, with special screening of the movie at the Canadian Film Institute in the evening.

Read more about the Queen’s story, and the film’s subject matter, at this story.

The Queen has been a symbol of social progress, and a role model for many Canadians.

The festival will showcase films from diverse perspectives and explore the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability and other issues that have shaped the story.

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