How to pay for home care workers

In Australia, the pay of home care employees has dropped by as much as 75 per cent since the year 2000, while the pay for other workers has risen.

Read moreAt a time when home care is the most expensive service Australians receive, many people have no choice but to rely on paid home care.

The pay of the care workers who provide care to people with serious mental health problems and those who care for the elderly is about $180 a week.

In Sydney, for example, care workers making $180 per week make about $100 more than care workers earning $60 or less.

“In my own family, it’s pretty hard to find people that are going to have a job for more than $180 and the pay’s pretty low,” Mr Andrews said.

If you’re unemployed, home care and related services can cost you moreIf you are self-employed, the total cost of caring for people with a mental health condition is around $200 a week, according to a report released last month by the Centre for Health and Retirement Economics.

While the government is now encouraging home care agencies to be more transparent about the pay structure, there is still a lot of misinformation around the system.

Mr Andrews said he was concerned about the fact that people were being paid more for caring for sick people than they were for caring about aged carers.

He said people needed to be aware that home care providers could be working at higher rates than their counterparts at other workplaces.

“We’ve got to work with our suppliers to make sure they’re doing the best job they can to provide the best care to our vulnerable people,” he said.

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