When the car repossession worker’s car is taken, the next question is, how much does it cost?

Workers at a factory in North Carolina’s Cartersville care home for seniors, and they’ve been protesting for months over a car that was repossessed.

The workers want to know how much it will cost them to have it repossess.

A spokesperson for the Workers Care program says the agency would not comment on a specific case, but that workers are not required to pay for repossessions unless the property is taken from them.

They’re calling it a “tax on the poor,” because if someone is in need of help, they shouldn’t have to pay.

Car owners in the area are also worried about a proposed tax on those who buy new vehicles, a proposal that the Workers’ Care program has been pushing for months.

In a letter sent to the state legislature last month, the Workers’, Care program argued that the current tax could drive up insurance premiums, leading to a “double whammy” of increasing medical costs and “further increasing the cost of life-saving medical care.”

They’re hoping the tax will be a one-time tax, and that it won’t be a permanent one.

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