Why car workers are getting sick from Ebola virus

CARACAS, Venezuela—The car workers of Venezuela’s Caracas have been among the worst hit by the outbreak of the deadly virus.

Car workers in the capital, where the city is home to about two million people, are increasingly sick from the disease and their work is increasingly interrupted.

The Caracas workers who have tested positive for the virus have all been working for at least a month, said Jose Ramon de la Garza, the head of the union representing them.

They have been showing symptoms of EV-D68, the most common form of the virus in Venezuela.

The car industry in Venezuela has struggled with the disease since the beginning of the year.

The country’s economic and social problems were exacerbated by a brutal economic crisis that began in 2014.

In addition to the outbreak in Venezuela, several other countries in Latin America have seen a surge in cases, with at least six of them reported in the United States.

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