Why we can’t be all that different from everyone else

Two years ago, I had to take a leave of absence to take care of a daughter who was suffering from brain damage from a rare form of cancer called myeloid leukemia.

She needed my help to continue on with her life and she needed to be in a place where I was not.

But now, four years later, I am so grateful for what I did.

In that time, I’ve seen the world change, I have seen the benefits of the care and support I received.

I can’t thank the care workers and their families enough.

When I was younger, I would always ask, “Where are the women?

How do I find a job that’s going to pay for me to come back to work?”

Today, it’s no longer a question.

I know that my daughter will never need a brain transplant, but I can also make sure that the women in my life have jobs that allow them to get back to their jobs and their lives.

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